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Design Studio helps business to evolve, equip themselves to jump into the competition, and achieve their glorious purpose, all with the proper leverage of UX/UI designs.

UX Research & UI Design

UX Research & UI Design

Our broad range of UX research and UI design services are focused on improving conversion and increasing customer engagement. We create user-centered digital experiences that engage and build trust with people. We push brands to redefine their image, increase user interaction and drive sales.

Enterprise UX Design

We design enterprise applications by solving UX design challenges in creative ways. Our user-centric design has helped businesses to transform traditional enterprise platforms into delightful B2B products that people love using.


Branding Strategy

We offer a complete identity branding that can create a strong foundation for your marketing strategies. Design Studio works on a range of creative brand and marketing strategies so that customers can distinguish your brand from competitors, thus leaving a memorable impression.

Digital Strategy & Design

Our researchers and strategists go through an in-depth discovery phase and immerse themselves to develop a furnished plan to fit your business requirements, target audience, and competitors. We reimagine user’s interaction with the digital world by combining human-centered design with robust methodologies.

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UI UX Design Case Study

INK was created to do things differently.

School Bus Tracker Web & App Design

Lumyri is the new name of tracking just everything.

SaaS App Design

AMPEL makes sales tasks easy.

Library Mobile App Design - Edtech

Bookish brings the library to you.

A team of dreamers, inventors, researchers, humans.


We also put life into our creation.

Yes, you read it right! Drop us a line to know how we can help you with development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Designing a website or an application depends on all the facilities and love that you want to share with your target audience. (No! Less facilities does not mean less love!!) Since each website and each application is unique in its own way, we have never been able to nor will we ever be able to set a predefined cost for it.


But what we can do is to share an estimate after we have known a little bit about your dream project. So, feel free to drop us a line whenever you want! We are all ears!!

Oh yeah! You bet it does!


You see, every project is unique with its own set of business goals and target audiences. So, there is no way that a “one size fits all” rule can be applied here. Not even a bit!


Every website and application is created from scratch, and is made from 100% custom materials picked only and only for that project.

Hmm. Good question.


You know what a team can do, right? Build empires, win matches, fight aliens! The list is long. Compared to a hero trying to do everything single-handedly, if they team up with more heroes with similar visions and goals, they simply become more powerful!


It’s the same here. Teamwork allows us to serve you better through better brainstorming sessions, better ideas and better quality checks. You get it, right?


By the way, we love you, freelancers!

Of course, you will!


We don’t simply acquire clients, we build lifelong relationships. Anytime you need any assistance, just drop us a line!

Website builders are wonderful! But they do not ask you about your business goals or about your target audience or about the personality of your brand or about the USP of your product or service and about many other things.


We do. We take into account every nitty-gritty of your project. We listen to your idea and help it transform from a dream into reality. With Design Studio, you will achieve the product that you always dreamed of.


We love website builders! But only for personal projects when we are too busy or too lazy to care about burnt toast.

Most certainly!


We work as a team which means that usually 3 people will be involved in your project – a designer, a creative head (as a backup and supervisor), and guess who? A project manager!


As your point of contact, our project manager will organize and monitor everything to make sure that the project runs smoothly, the time invested in every discussion is fruitful and the project is delivered on time and as per expectations, if not beyond!


Oh! Did we mention that our project managers are also UX architects and UX consultants? Discussing design solutions have never been easier!


We know what you might be thinking. No, having 3 people involved in the project does not affect the project cost. It’s totally on the house!

Feel free to choose anything that suits you!


Usually people opt for fixed price when the projects are small or when the scope of work is well-defined. For other projects, like large application designs, some opt for hourly-basis while others go for fixed price. Monthly-basis projects are usually the ones that require work on a weekly or daily basis for at least 3 months.


In case of fixed price projects, we split the work into milestones, so it becomes easy to keep track of things.

We hate complicacies. And so, our onboarding process is just as simple as sliding down a ride in a water park.


Beginning with an initial discussion on the project, we proceed to lay out the flow of the project, followed by milestones and a well-defined scope of work.


We are okay with NDAs and make sure to clarify any doubts from either party before we begin the adventure!

Great question! We actually get that a lot.


We won’t say that we are unique because in some corner of the Universe there must be at least one other team that holds the same values and works the same way as we do.


But, yes. We are definitely different from the crowd.


To begin with, we believe in discussions to get to a solution. It is never the client’s liability nor their duty to spoonfeed a design team through the entire design process. No. We do our research, discuss among ourselves and with the client, and come up with a plan to make the product even better than what was initially envisioned.


We don’t make assumptions. Every statement and idea that we present is backed up with proper data and reason.


We take care of a project like it’s our own. While that may not sound professional, it is this emotion that makes us go not one but ten steps beyond what a client would expect from us.


At the end of the day, we know and understand that everyone from the client to the design team to the end-user is driven by emotions. So, we allow ourselves to be humans and not machines. Maybe this is exactly what makes us different from the crowd.

Glad you asked!


For a website, and especially for an application, we first go for a ground level, but thorough, knowledge on the project, and then quickly seek the user flow. Sometimes the client provides us with the user flow and sometimes we create it.


The next thing you’d be expecting from us is a wireframe, followed by the design and finally, a grand-looking, clickable prototype along with a style guide.

FAQ - Custom Web & App Design

Oops! Did we miss your question on the list? Our bad!

You can always drop us an email with any question that you might have! We’d be thrilled to help!!