Covering All Phase of UX/UI

Design Studio collaborates with clients from a top-to-bottom perspective. We aim to optimize their digital design projects at each phase of their lifecycles. That’s why our UI/UX design consulting services start with a consultative approach. Consult, strategize, design, & then optimize: that’s our approach to creating premium-grade design experiences.

UX and UI Design Consulting Services
  • Web App design

    We create web app designs that deliver intuitively beautiful end-user experiences. Our online application interface designs are focused on both engaging target audiences & solving business problems

  • Mobile App design

    We create clean, intuitive, & easy-to-navigate UI & UX designs for mobile apps on all major mobile OS platforms. Our designs maximize engagement & ensure optimal end-user experiences.

  • Website Design

    We leverage the power of visual storytelling to create websites that inform, impress, & inspire. We design custom websites that are optimized to meet the dynamic needs of new-age Internet users.

  • UX for Startups

    Startups need strong visual branding to make strong & instant impacts on their target audiences. We help create stunning visual brands for our clients using the latest UX & UI design techniques. If you’re experimenting with new digital products, we can even create high-fidelity prototypes or MVP designs for your startup.

  • Enterprise UX

    Our Enterprise UX solutions perform efficiently for both back-end administrators & end-users. We also specialize in cross-platform compatibility UI design. That means our designs can create beautiful user experiences across various platforms.

  • UX Research

    We use hard data & numerical data analysis to understand the needs & objectives of our end users. Data-driven design is our specialty. The data we gather about our clients’ target users during UI/UX research allow us to consistently improve our UX design services.

  • UX Audit

    We perform extensive design audits that comprise A/B testing, studying target audiences & back-office dependencies, and much more. We use the audit data to create improved Customer Journey maps for our clients’ products.

  • Branding Design

    Stand out with a strong brand identity. Our branding and graphic design services create a unique visual representation for your business, including marketing materials.

  • Web Redesign

    We leverage the power of visual storytelling to create websites that inform, impress, & inspire. We design custom websites that are optimized to meet the dynamic needs of new-age Internet users.

UI and UX Dedicated Design Team

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Our Process

Our process begins with understanding your business goals and user needs. We then create wireframes, mockups and prototypes to visually communicate the design solution. We work closely with you through the design process, testing and making adjustments to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations.

  • Research & Analysis
  • Ideation
  • Wireframe
  • Visual Style/Prototype
  • Usability Testing
  • Design
  • Test and Deliver

Industries Where We Create Excellence

The digital ecosystem is a playground where companies from all types of industries can co-exist. We aim to be the UI/UX design agency that helps your company thrive in this ecosystem and build a brand identity that ensures maximum engagement.

  • Healthcare

    In this world of smartphone-using patients & physicians, we can help your healthcare company create the most innovative & engaging digital designs.

  • Banking & Fintech

    Leveraging the latest technologies is the key to differentiating your brand in the competitive financial services sector. We help several banking and finance firms achieve this goal by giving their digital products user-centered designs (UCD).

  • Health & Fitness

    We design responsive, engaging, & easy-to-use digital products to help health & fitness startups meet their customers’ most urgent needs.

  • EdTech

    Is your company rethinking and reinventing educational processes & models? We’ve created designs for a host of digital e-learning products/solutions in the past. Allow our experienced design engineers to help your cause.

  • Fashion & Design

    Stunning visual branding is the key to digital success in the fashion & design industries. Our responsive, modular, & scalable digital design solutions can help your brand achieve such success.

  • Food & Restaurant

    Elevate the status of your food business by delivering maximum convenience to your customers via premium-grade digital products. Our mobile & web app design team can serve all types of food-based startups.

  • Lawyers & Attorneys – Legal

    Generate leads for your practice by investing in conversion-centric digital products. We’ll help you design digital products that drive leads & create unforgettable user experiences.

  • Retail & Ecommerce

    Elevate your online retail experience with our expert UI/UX design services. We specialize in creating visually stunning and user-friendly e-commerce websites that drive conversions and customer loyalty.

  • Non-Profit Organizations

    Create next generation digital platforms & products for your non-profit. Leverage the power of digital innovation to connect & mobilize your NGO’s target audiences.

Quality in Every Pixel: Why Choose Us?

We have a multi-disciplinary approach to designing digital products. Teaming up with Design Studio’s UI/UX design team means gaining access to a remarkable team of success-driven design engineers.

Personalized Approach

Cookie-cutter solutions don’t work in the world of digital design. That’s why our design engineers always proactively audit their offerings to suit our clients’ needs.

Flexible Team Size

Keeping up with the latest design trends requires rock-solid technical skills. Our front-end and back-end development teams are extremely flexible. They build fast and never stop innovating.

Date Meets Design

We create digital products that are rooted in customer data. We constantly assess end-user pain points to add objectivity to our designs & digital solutions. We’re the masters of data-driven design!

Complete Collaboration

From ideation to design to creating wireframes/mockups: collaboration is in our DNA. We co-create projects by identifying our clients’ needs & shaping our services around their specific requirements.

Create Functional Art

We combine deep technical expertise with innovative artistic talent to forge customized design solutions for our clients’ brands. This mixture, when done correctly, can do wonders for brands.

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Sanghamitra Banerjee Director

“ The team is highly communicative and has a flexible and professional approach. Design Studio is responsive, and the teams meet in person and virtually. ”