NFT Marketplace App


Non-fungible tokens, or what we popularly know as NFT, had become quite the rave in 2021. While almost every news item on the internet was bragging about its awesomeness, designers across the globe had set down to create new concepts for its mobile application. Several companies invested in NFT applications and digital artists produced eccentric images to be sold as tokens on these platforms.

In short, NFT had taken the world by a storm!

We at Design Studio aren’t the ones to sit idly when something colossal is happening on the planet. So, we got off the observation deck, put our heads together and came up with a plan to launch our genius into the world. Yet again.


Like mushrooms on a monsoon-soaked ground, new NFT applications were emerging on the surface of the internet almost every other day. Keeping all the complications of the application and the user experience aside, the real challenge was creating something that would stand out from this ever-growing crowd.


We had but two ways to tackle the big challenge: ease of use and looks of the app.

Most of the NFT applications have a simple UI and are dependent on the images that the tokens would fetch. The tokens are usually eye-catching but it would be unwise to leave the fate of any application to dynamically-fetched graphics, wouldn’t it?