Sales Engagement Platform (SaaS app)


Sales processes shouldn’t be messy, and yet most often they are. When the process gets messed up, it brings the entire system down with it, directly affecting the ROI.

But with the proper automation system, things can start moving to the sunny side.

Enter Ampel, a sales engagement platform designed for the glorious purpose of making the efforts of people in the sales team turn into something really productive.


The job of a salesperson consists of multiple tasks assigned for multiple clients. While some include a simple follow up, others include detailed conversations or closing deals. Missing any one of these or, God forbid, sending the wrong mail to the wrong person can lead to the collapse of days of hard work, like a row of dominoes collapsing.

Ampel needed to make sure that as soon as the user starts the system, they are greeted with an organised list of tasks for the day, and are walked through the entire process.

So, right from “Good morning, user, these are your tasks for the day” to “Okay, that deal is done!” – everything needed to be in the perfect sequence, for every task.

Our job was to make sure that the flow was seamless to every tiny detail, and that the UI was as intuitive as possible.
A day in the life of a salesperson is already burdened with lots of mind-boggling responsibilities. We shouldn’t add to those, right?

The biggest challenge, however, was something else:

Long before Ampel was even conceived, two powerful competitors had already anchored themselves to the market: Outreach and SalesLoft. Outshining them needed an approach that was completely different and yet very useful.



Ampel’s target audience consists of agencies that have a dedicated sales team for lead generation and conversion; basically, B2B sales teams selling subscription products.

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We collaborated with the client to know user pain points and expectations. The client assisted and guided us to understand the product’s purpose and the difference it expects to make in the market.